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Our clients are enthusiastic about the level of service and productivity they have received from DRS

When we were recommended to DRS, we had recently changed not only to a new software, but to another billing company.  In 6 months’ time the other billing company nearly caused us to close our doors do to their ignorance of DME billing.  We switched everything to DRS on September 1, 2010, and they were very aggressive at cleaning up the mess the other company made.  Had it not been for DRS and their knowledge, tenacity and professionalism in the DME Billing precess, I would not still be in business to write this.  It’s coming up on our 1 year anniversary with them, and they have turned our collections around 180 degrees.  They have done an awesome job, and I’d recommend them to any DME company looking to efficiently get their A/R in the door.

Denny Putnam

A Plus Medical, MO

I have over twenty years of home medical and respiratory equipment experience and my past has taught me two things; it’s not real business until the cash is in the bank and if you want to improve cash flow and reduce bad debt, you want to utilize the services of Direct Reimbursement Solutions.

Robin Underwood and Tricia Cupach, the owners of Direct Reimbursement Solutions, are a double edge sword.  Robin is the authority on Medicare and HMO’s.  While Tricia’s expertise is toward getting the maximum dollars from Medicaid and commercial payers.  I would highly recommend DRS.

Earl Dunlap

The 02 Oxygen Store - GA

“Hiring Tricia, Robin, and the gang at DRS, was the best thing we could have done.  Claims are getting processed in a timely manner, in return out bottom line looks better:)  Tricia and Robin are always full of knowledge when I need it.  I would highly recommend DRS.”

Melissa Wilson

Lexington RX, VA

DRS as a whole, is a trustworthy group, dedicated to assisting our company with the often frustrating steps in billing insurance for goods.  Tricia made a premise visit to help train our personnel and get us better organized.  Our billing per sale is increasing daily and reimbursements are better at this point.

Eileen Pinkerto

Help, Inc., TX