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Direct Reimbursement Solutions, Inc.

Direct Reimbursement Solutions, Inc.

Your Key to DME/HME Billing and Collections

Direct Reimbursement Solutions’ offers you more than 30 years of experience in DME/HME medical billing and collections. We are diversified within the Brightree system since 2007. Our dedicated and experienced staff will submit claims electronically and review your daily E-Claim reports for errors and rejections. We will mail primary, secondary and facility claims to proper insurance carriers, with all your necessary documentation: prescriptions, CMN, authorization and primary payer’s explanation of benefits (EOB). We are here to assist you in resolving errors in order to resubmit clean claims. Direct Reimbursement Solutions will evaluate claims for accurate information and review claims for proper coding: ICD-10, HCPC & modifier. Updates and changes are noted within the Brightree system.

Benefit from our experience with services including a summary of aging accounts by insurances and a comprehensive review of current open denials and aging outstanding sales orders. We’ll evaluate your stop-hold reports and identify un-posted cash deposit batches that hold up your billing. Direct Reimbursement Solutions will also provide you with a review of front end rejections for electronic payers and a report of active rentals for potential over-billing issues.
Use DRS to post all payments and denials received within the daily bank deposit; document the offsets and refunds within the patient’s account; and track, review and submit corrections for denied insurance claims. We’ll research, prepare, and submit reviews, appeals and fair hearings.

End of month reports are easy with Direct Reimbursement Solutions. We’ll prepare and provide your Deposit Summary, DRS Cash Summary Sheet and Medicare and Insurance Denial Summary. You’ll receive Total Denials for month, Patient Summary Statement List and a Monthly Write Off Summary. We’ll alert you to the Outstanding Sales Orders Left to Confirm at End of Month and the Number of Pages Unresolved on your Stop Hold Report.


Benefits of Outsourcing:

• Save Money

• Improve your collection results

• Access to additional support

• Knowledge of multiple Insurance Guidelines

• Experienced Billers and Collectors

• Hiring and Training New Employees

• Not Bothered with Vacation Time Off and Sick Time

For your Medicare Pre-Payment Audits: Direct Reimbursement Solutions offers an experienced Medicare Team to review your documentation and identify what does not meet the LCD guidelines. Use our experts to prepare your Redetermination Review or the next review process (Reconsideration, AL1).
Your company is unique and Direct Reimbursement Solutions offers additional personalized services to meet your needs. We mail and document monthly patient summary statements with an option of follow-up calls for delinquent accounts. We’ll prepare past due patient pay accounts for outside collection agencies and answer patient inquiries regarding invoices and insurance coverages.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Save Money
  • To Improve your collection results
  • Access to additional support
  • Knowledge of multiple Insurance Guidelines
  • Experienced billers and collectors
  • Hiring and training new employees
  • Not bothered with vacation time off / sick time

We have clients all across the USA